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The Development Factory specializes in designing and developing custom software for winning companies. 
In over 12 years we’ve helped over 200 clients find new revenue sources, improve customer retention and ship new features faster. We deliver with precision and solid processes.

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12 years of experience growing our clients’ businesses

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We are a dedicated, high-performing team with senior-level talent. Our goal is to develop custom solutions that drive results for organizations of all sizes. And we do it faster.

We support established organizations in protecting their technology investments by helping to maintain and innovate existing products.

Reach your business goals

Even if you have experience with building custom software, the decisions you face can feel overwhelming. Which technology to use? How do you ensure the functioning of the existing solution? How much will it cost? What is the right approach?

For that we developed a unique process to evolve your existing product, simultaneously planning future growth, so you can get there faster.

We will clearly define steps and set objectives to create a compelling competitive edge through improving the productivity and efficiency of legacy systems and identifying new sources of revenue through market opportunities validation.

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Plan it right, to get it right the first time

We work with you upfront to understand business goals and current challenges to understand where you are and where you want to be.

Armed with over 12 years of experience we translate your vision into a winning game plan to create the highest ROI from your custom software development initiative. Our approach is agile, as the traditional sequence from customer needs to strategy to technology execution is just too long and too risky.

Use human centered design to deliver true value to your customers

We practice user-centered principles, which means we put a lot of value on designing for the intended users, not personal preference. This isn’t always comfortable, but it’s necessary in order to create products that customers will happily pay for and use. Seamless, delightful experiences have the power to create memorable relationships with your customers.


Choose the best technology that fits your goals

We call our approach to custom software development "platform agnostic”. This means that we put the requirements of each client engagement first. We offer custom fit solutions as we are proficient with industry standards as well as the latest and greatest technologies.

This is what The Development Factory can do for you.

As your custom software development company, we deliver quality products that bring value to you and your customers. From growing a client base, finding new revenue sources or improving customer retention, we will help you reach your goals. Here are a few testimonials from our clients

Custom Development for Healthcare Software Company “We went from dated solutions to a unique strategy that may be the best in the industry.” READ FULL REVIEW
Platform Development for Healthcare Consulting Firm “They clearly care about us and our satisfaction.” READ FULL REVIEW
Software Development for Healthcare Streamline Platform “The simplicity of the process and their ability to quickly understand the space were perfect.” READ FULL REVIEW

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