Case Study: We Made Finding Addiction Treatment Faster

Kyle Miller
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

With the comprehensive help of The Development Factory, Dr. Tony Greco transformed from a doctor trying to help a friend, into the CEO of a growing business revolutionizing the way people find treatment for addiction.


Two years ago, Dr. Tony Greco drove from LA to Vegas and back again, rescuing a friend from a psychotic break and a drug relapse after 28 years of sobriety. Deeply connected in Los Angeles’ community of addiction rehab and treatment, he was astounded by his struggle to find the right resources for his friend.

With no background in technology or product development, he nevertheless was determined to build a tool that would help anyone, anywhere find the treatment they needed - and fast.

He had the vision, but lacked a strategy and an organization to execute. So he started asking his network for help.

Tony finally was introduced to another developer. But after Tony spent several months and $20,000, there was still no plan, no progress, and no product.


Tony met Suzanne, CEO of The Development Factory, at a party of a mutual friend.

At Suzanne’s insistence they began with client development, conducting customer interviews to better understand the problem and an ideal solution from a user’s perspective. With comprehensive research in hand, The Development Factory created a full product roadmap.

Working together, we developed not only a plan for his Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but for ongoing iteration and continuous improvement.


Recently Tony, along with Los Angeles city leaders, presented the Get Help LA app. Aimed at giving the general public the tools to refer people who are homeless to services, it uses geo-coding to show hospitals, addiction care centers, sexual assault resources, shelters, and other resources nearby.

“The Development Factory don’t just develop products. They develop a company. They have really become like family. Entrepreneurship is a lonely road. And I’ve outsourced a cofounder and a partner. They’ve been there to catch all of that for me. Investor meetings. Interviews. You name it.” Tony Greco

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