We built Get Help LA to help people facing homelessness

Suzanne Abate
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What is Get Help LA?

On Tuesday, Dr. Tony Greco, Get Help CEO, along with Los Angeles city leaders, presented the Get Help LA app. Aimed at giving the general public the tools to refer people who are homeless to services, it uses geo-coding to show hospitals, addiction care centers, sexual assault resources, shelters, and other resources nearby. Get-Help-LA-Presentation-1 Page 032

How will it work?

In January, Los Angeles first responders will begin using the app. The pilot program gives first responders live location-based information on available services to assist people experiencing homelessness. Users can search and filter services by type to find an appropriate match.

“First responders often have a very narrow window when individuals facing challenges such as mental instability or addiction are willing to accept care,” said Councilmember Englander who serves as Chair of the Los Angeles Public Safety Committee. “Get Help LA allows them to quickly navigate and find an appropriate service location which maximizes the chances an individual gets the treatment they need.”

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Next steps

The plan is to release the app to the public after a six month test period, empowering the average citizen to become a first responder as well.

Future features include: showing the number of available beds at nearby shelters in real time; and information about churches, temples, and other faith organizations that are already helping people experiencing homelessness in the community.

The app was developed through a partnership between Get Help and the City of Los Angeles' Information Technology Agency. Get Help LA will provide training on use of the app and data tracking so that the City can measure the use and efficacy of this tool.

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How did it all begin?

Get Help focuses on giving people a way to find addiction treatment resources. With the help of The Development Factory, Dr. Tony Greco transformed from a doctor trying to help a friend find the addiction treatment she so desperately needed into the CEO of a growing business revolutionizing the way people find treatment for addiction.

By creating a set of standards and working with insurance and medical accreditation, Get Help ensures quality experiences for people in need through the app’s recommendations.

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