Determine Demand Before Spending a Dime On Development

Kyle Miller
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Software development can be a long road with plenty of pitfalls. In this article we’ll discuss three simple ways to validate your product idea before sinking all your funding into product development.

Analysis Driven Discovery

The fundamental step to building a profitable digital product is identifying the problem worth solving. This critical step is based on real research and analysis - never guesswork.

Look into your end user and what the market is already offering them. What are their behaviors, motivations, and perspectives?

Deep dive into the market you’re about to enter. What are your competitors offering? Products with similar offerings to you idea may seem like a reason to avoid entering that space. But the opposite may be. Someone else has done the hard work of spending time and money validating your idea. Perhaps there is an opportunity to offer something that tackles the same problem-but does it better.

Get specific about the people you’re trying to reach and your value proposition for them. Doing so will enable a value driven concept, and ROI for your digital product. Leave no stone unturned and avoid expensive mistakes down the road.

Passion is important to build a profitable product, but it can be blinding. Allow for testing to validate your idea.

Validate the Potential Idea

If you were developing a movie you wouldn’t go out and start filming. First you’d write an outline of the story and pitch it to people to see how they respond. Then depending on their feedback you’d tweak the outline of the film accordingly. The same is true when building a new digital product.

Test any and all assumptions that came up in the previous discovery phase. Validate the potential of your idea by building a simple and sparse prototype. Only include those features you want users to give feedback on anD gain learnings early on.

Small scale testing and the response you get will help pave the road ahead.

Allow Data to Lead

If you truly want to know if a potential product will be successful you need people to try it. Invite your desired end user to try your prototype and track their usage. Identify which behaviors you didn’t anticipate and solve for them. Examine the usability of the product. Optimize usability by testing how user behavior.

Have your team review the data and allow it to guide the development process. The data will drive your team to design an app that excites users and is ultimately profitable.

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