We Made It Possible To Service 500% More Clients

Kyle Miller
"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

By building a product that automated and optimized formerly manual processes, we enabled IHS to transform their client engagement experience, by increasing transparency and making the work for customers and consultants far easier to track.


IHS helps healthcare organizations achieve industry required accreditations. The accreditation and ongoing compliance process is complicated, laborious and opaque. Dr. Thomas Goddard, IHS founder and CEO wanted to be more technologically friendly, thinking an app was the answer.

Early on in the business, Dr. Goddard learned of the power of content, personally writing thousands of blog posts about every aspect of this complicated, but mission critical, aspect of healthcare. The result is that he built an SEO and education powerhouse.

But managing engagements and disseminating educational materials to clients was time and labor intensive. For years, IHS managed its client engagements using a system of complicated spreadsheets that required manual updates.

Goddard wanted to build an app to make it easier to share information with clients and prospects alike.


We knew that with the right approach, we could completely revamp the accreditation experience for IHS clients.

The result was Goldfinch, an online environment which lets clients understand the entire accreditation process from start to finish. It manages the complete client experience, include post-implementation.

Goldfinch is a destination that lets clients read more, learn about the process, see IHS templates or procedures, communicate with IHS consultants securely - routing their messages to the right person - and organizes communication to be searched, referenced, and used later.

The Development Factory is a team of creative IT and product people who develop all sorts of different technology resources for their clients. They listened very carefully to our description of what we do and they understood it. They take them time to learn what you do, deeply.

Dr Thomas Goddard


Goldfinch has transformed the IHS client experience, making the entire process more transparent for customers and far easier to manage for IHS consultants. Not only do clients report feeling more informed and more comfortable throughout the accreditation process, but IHS has managed to scale its business substantially, currently serving 500% more clients simultaneously.

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