Transform Your Product. Become the Market Leader, Again

Andrew Bodis
I can see patterns. It's one of my greatest strengths. Patterns in life, business, media, interfaces. My thirst is for information.

Looking to improve customer retention? Find new growth opportunities? Or enhance product performance while slashing operational costs?

Check where are you on the road to transform and modernize your product. Find out what you should focus on and get a customized plan to move forward faster.

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The Product Transformation Progress Assessment leads you to releasing major potential in your company. We will discuss it with you during a workshop, providing you with specific and customized recommendations for your company to start the Product Transformation.

What is Product Transformation?

Product Transformation is our unique process to evolve your existing product, simultaneously planning future growth so you can get there faster.

You will receive a clear plan and implementation services to improve customer retention, find new revenue sources, and ship new features faster.

We work with you on strategy, planning, and re-designing your software for exceptional user experience.

You get an autonomous and fully immersed team, faster than an in-house hire. You get an established team consisting of best in class: Lead Business Consultant, Product Manager, Tech Lead, UX designer, Developers, Project Manager and Qc’s at the right levels, supporting your existing team.

Stage 1: PLAN

Result: A transparent business and technology roadmap of the next steps to your business growth.

We work with our clients upfront to understand your goals, current challenges, budgets, timelines, and process to determine

Legacy Technology Evaluation

You can forget about issues with performance, scalability, compatibility, maintainability and security challenges.

Market Opportunities Validation

Make te right investment based on data driven customer, market and competitive landscape insights.

Transformation Investement Planning

Suceed by focusing on the right priorities and key performance indicators. We provide you with a clear understanding of the costs and return on planned investments.

Stage 2: DESIGN

Result: Validated customer journey and user interface ready to implement and grow your business.

Ux Design

Your product will delight your users and create memorable relationships, your customers will happily pay and use it.

Rapid Prototyping

Validating different ideas lead to the best one for your business. Prototyping includes sketching interface designs, wireframing, and even building functional products without writing any code.


Result: Your product is a high performing, scalable and secure solution for your customers. You gain new sources of revenue.

Agile Software Development

You save money and time on because two week development cycles allow us to correct the course per new needs or learnings.

Continious Improvement

You recieve constant support and learn from a mix of tracking tools and research,so you stay ahead of the curve.

Book a free consulting call if you are interested in the full Product Transformation Progress Assessment.

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