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At The Development Factory we help you launch Android and iOS mobile apps and digital products more quickly, with no upfront investment in recruitment and tools.

We help our clients develop business and consumer mobile apps that are delightful to use.


We’ve been designing and delivering user-centric mobile apps for Android for more than a decade. Our development process ensures excellent performance and compatibility across all Android devices. Our Android app developers are well versed in Java (native) and Kotlin as well as cross-platform approaches like React Native. We use Android Software Development Kits, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Media APIs, Security Architecture, Location Based APIs and other tools and frameworks that get the job done right.


Our lightning fast iPhone apps will delight your users. Our development process ensures excellent performance and compatibility across all generations of Apple devices. We expertly build iOS apps with Swift or Objective C, or using a cross-platform approach such as React Native. We offer advanced integrations including iBeacon, iWatch, Apple Pay, Chat (XMPP), Quickblox, iCloud Drive, and more.

How Can We Help?

We are not just another app development company - we are a dedicated, high-performing team with senior-level talent. Our goal is to build solutions that drive results for organizations of all sizes. And we do it faster.


Do you want to validate, build and get your app to the market fast?

We support established organizations in protecting their technology investments by helping to maintain or innovate existing mobile apps.

Whether your goal is to optimize business or transactional workflows, boost sales, or create operational efficiency, we can help.

Our high-performing teams are experienced in building apps for enterprise and consumer markets, and we’ve worked extensively with media and lifestyle brands as well as large e-commerce and healthcare providers.


Do you want to innovate or improve the performance of an app you’ve already launched?

We’ve helped dozens of successful startups go to market and we can help you launch your app, fast.

We start by understanding your product vision and strategy, and then support you through every step of building your app using lean management principles and agile software delivery methods.

We provide you a scalable, high-performing team so you can deliver high quality mobile applications to market in record time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The planning process and product development process have been the most impressive - Dr. Tony Greco, CEO, Get Help

There was a 500% increase in simultaneous clients.

- Thomas Goddard, CEO, Integral
   Healthcare Solutions

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How We Do It Faster

We call our way of working Team as a Service (TaaS).

For every client engagement, we first assess which roles are missing in order to have a complete, cross-functional team. Then we fill the gaps from our roster of senior Product Managers, Technical Leads, UX Researchers and Designers, Web and Mobile Developers, as well as Project Managers and QCs.

Right Scale

The key ingredients are your goals, the size of the team you need, and how fast you want to move. Whatever the calculation, we have the resources to cover you.

Right People

Every engagement is led by one of our founding partners and built firmly on trust. We work on mid to long-term engagements and stay deeply committed to your success through the contract term and beyond. You can also ask us about our equity participation model.



Right Pace

We focus on getting immediate results. Rapid prototyping, continuous integration and deployment and analytics allow us to deliver quickly, learn what works best, and iterate while always keeping an eye on the long-term vision.

Right Skills

We staff only seasoned product experts who are well versed in industry best practices - from product management principles to web and mobile app frameworks - to get the job done right.

We quickly establish processes and tools that make working together collaborative, seamless and super efficient.

With Team as a Service, we become an extension of your product team for as long as it takes to get the job done fast and right. After we’ve helped you achieve your most urgent technology goals, we help you to recruit and train your own internal team to take over.

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