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At The Development Factory we help you achieve your business technology goals more quickly, with less friction, and no upfront investment in recruitment, tools, and processes. Learn How.

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The Development Factory serves businesses looking to develop and launch (or replatform) digital products that grow top line revenue or increase operational efficiency.

We deploy whole product teams on a fractional basis so that you can focus on the goal, not the process.

Throughout every engagement we help you sustainably insource great talent, expert product knowledge, and advanced product delivery methods.

Your ROI is our success metric.

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Translating your vision into a winning game plan.
Designing, building, testing, and validating the plan at every step to mitigate risk and reduce waste.
Making technical concepts accessible and learnable so that you can outgrow us.
Helping identify the right talent, tools, and methods needed to maintain excellence.


Clients Reviews on Clutch

Custom Development for Healthcare Software Company

“We went from dated solutions to a unique strategy that may be the best in the industry.”


Platform Development for Healthcare Consulting Firm

“They clearly care about us and our satisfaction.”


Software Development for Healthcare Streamline Platform

“The simplicity of the process and their ability to quickly understand the space were perfect.”


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We Can Do For You


“The planning process and product development process have been the most impressive - Dr. Tony Greco, CEO, Get Help

“Before The Development Factory, we had 200 daily bugs! - Shawn Wehan, CEO, Givsum

There was a 500% increase in simultaneous clients. - Thomas Goddard, CEO, Integral
   Healthcare Solutions


(Since 2009)

Suzanne Abate, CEO

"The Coach"

Drawing from experience as an expert educator, thought leader, and product management consultant, Suzanne Abate’s hypothesis-driven approach identifies the right questions to ask and the best paths to discovering the answers.

She’s coached enterprise organizations including AT&T, Target, Marriot, and Blue Shield, and has helped dozens of startups launch and scale their ideas in market.

Suzanne’s built a career on expanding approaches, accessibility, and conversations in product management, and loves working with those who want to achieve great things.

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Andrew Bodis, CTO

"The Tech Guy"

With more than 17 years of experience in web usability, interface design, and web and mobile applications development, Andrew Bodis is a master digital craftsman.

He has designed and built a range of online products such as Sell Metrics, the leading Canadian competitor to SalesForce, Easy Med Mobile, an international health management and reminder platform, and My Time Blocks, the proprietary time management tool of The Development Factory.

Andrew is a “developer for the people” - a true tech guy with the rare ability to communicate complex concepts in an understandable way. But most of all he’s just a really nice guy.

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We Build

Better Products, Better


Build the Right Product

We like to start by embracing a “mindset of maybe,” meaning maybe our ideas are right, but maybe we’re missing something? This approach encourages healthy inquiry when possibilities are most limitless and the cost of change is lowest.

Building the right product starts with identifying who are the customers and users? Do they want this solution? Why do they want this solution? How can we test our assumptions quickly and cheaply to be more certain of our success?

Are we building something that is desirable, viable, and feasible?

The Everyday Innovator - Ep 157
Listen to Suzanne discuss the challenges of working with development teams and strategies for building products better on The Everyday Innovator podcast.
"Ask the Tech Guy" - Ep 30
Listen to Andrew discuss how to assess the impact of change, the myth of the “full stack developer” and why all companies should have their own API on 100PM podcast.


Build the Product Right

Are we leveraging best practices to deliver product effectively and efficiently?

We’ve seen a lot of good ideas go wrong by miscalculation of effort and complexity, as well as “optimistic offshoring.” Building digital products well requires so much more than putting two developers together in a room.

Our agile delivery process ensures complete transparency, measurable product progress in short development cycles, inline testing and feedback gathering, and your participation.

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